A large star is on left with the illumination of an exoplanet shown on the right over a star background.

Jenn Carter


My name is Dr. Jennifer L. Carter (I usually go by Jenn), and I am an Assistant Professor of Physics at Susquehanna University. I teach undergraduate physics and astronomy classes, and am actively researching within the realm of exoplanet science, i.e. I study planets that orbit stars other than the sun.

My primary interest is currently modeling the light emitted by exoplanets, which comes in two main forms. First, light is emitted in the form of thermal radiation and is due to the large temperature of some exoplanets. Second, incident light from the host star is reflected by the planet.

Here I am in front of the columns of Seibert Hall at Susquehanna University.

To properly model the light emitted by exoplanets, I use coding (mostly Matlab, but some Python) to create and test the models using Bayesian Analysis, and exoplanet photometric data taken from the NASA Exoplanet Archives.

Current Research Projects

I have a few projects in progress, please check out my Orcid page or the Projects page.