A large star is on left with the illumination of an exoplanet shown on the right over a star background.

Miscellaneous Capstone Projects

Dr. Carter has mentored several students for their senior Capstone Projects. These range to projects connected to the lab’s research, as well as projects designed by students. The projects listed below do not fall into the lab’s main research focus.

Physics Education Research

Connecting Educational Learning Goals to Physics Labs
Between Spring 2023 and Fall 2023, Matthew Martone worked with Dr. Carter to design a lab for introductory physics students to learn about rotations, gears, centripetal motion, and springs. The lab will be used in a high school setting and will bring new life to unused equipment. It was designed to meet PA state learning goals for physics and Matt may submit it to The Physics Teacher or similar journal.


Reducing Turbulence within a Wind Tunnel
This project is ongoing and began in Fall 2023. Sylvan Huber-Feely seeks to decrease the amount of turbulence within the department’s homemade wind tunnel. To begin, he has gathered wind speed data in a grid aligned with the center of the tunnel.

Maximizing the Range of 3D Printed Projectiles
An ongoing project begun in Fall 2023. Xan Lawrence is using a spring loaded cannon to launch 3D printed projectiles. The projectiles’ characteristics will be varied and the affect on their ranges will be quantified.

Precision of Stepper Motors
During the 2022/2023 academic year, Casey Nickerson completed an analysis of the precision of an Arduino controlled stepper motor.

People involved with these projects

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